Teachers will continue to use their best teaching strategies such as the following: Direct Instruction, Inquiry-Based Learning, Constructivism, and other approaches. Teachers continue to front load and enrich before the lesson, directly instruct, or pose a question that will require higher order of thinking to answer. The Teach stage requires that teachers keep their explanations to “chunk” sizes, something easily digested by students. Students need shorter times of listening so they can repeat or share the information they have heard. The student must be considered as a platform, who will then pass on what they understand to another student during the Understanding stage.

This stage doesn’t require any investment or new technology, just the teacher allowing time for the students to discuss what they have heard. Dr. Bloom wrote, “If the research on the 2 sigma problem yields practical methods (methods that the average teacher or school faculty can learn in a brief period of time and use with little more cost or time than conventional instruction), it would be an educational contribution of the greatest magnitude” (The 2 Sigma Problem, page 5).

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