Now teachers answer the question, “Did they learn it?”

Early in my teaching I remember a middle school class where only one person passed the test with an A. It was far too late to re-teach it to the class and it was my fault they didn’t learn it. In the Response step, the teacher wants to know if the information was learned before building on the next step. If most of the class didn’t learn it, find out now! You definitely don’t want a major assessment to tell you when you have already gone on to other learning.

It is crucial to avoid calling on raised hands. Bloom’s research showed that 20% of the class would learn in any environment. Those are the kids raising their hands! You have to determine how much the remaining 80% have learned. Without realizing it teachers want to re-enforce they done a successful job of teaching and they call on the top third of the class and neglect the bottom third.

Instead of calling hands, give several chances using random selection. I prefer picking shuffled cards with the student’s name written on them. Many teachers use Popsicle sticks with the student’s names on them. If a correct answer doesn’t come up, you can call on a hand and then re-teach the information. After using TUTOR, again go to Response to see the improvement.

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