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Kennedy Rocker and Michael Scott are Educational Consultants who work with principals and schools about best teaching practices. They have spoken in America and China.

Dr. Benjamin S. Bloom’s (of Bloom’s Taxonomy) research establishing that tutoring is the most effective method of teaching. Bloom wrote, “The average (tutored) student is 2 sigma (standard deviations) above the average control student taught under conventional group methods of instruction (The 2 Sigma Problem: The Search for Methods of Group Instruction as Effective as One-to-One Tutoring, Educational Researcher, June/July 1984).” Moreover, ACT (college entrance exam) reported that average test results for students schooled at home, outscored private and public school students for the last ten years in a row. Finally, I accepted Bloom’s challenge, “The goal was so clear and specific – find methods of group instruction as effective as one-to-one teaching.” Research had changed my view.

Michael Scott

Michael Scott

Over the last five years, Michael developed a method of classroom instruction based in tutoring. The testing results exploded upward with his impoverished and minority elementary students in San Bernardino turning to each other in class to discuss, interact, and teach each other. Instead of a normal one-year growth for one-year teaching results, 60% of his sixth graders increased one or more quintiles in language arts! Next year 70% of his fourth, fifth, and sixth grade combo class increased quintiles. Then last year, his San Bernardino classroom moved from only one-fifth of the class to one-half obtaining proficient/advanced levels in language arts. The method encouraged maximum student engagement as students tutored each other. A video of him teaching these fourth graders is displayed on You Tube at “TUTOR Learning Method.”

Michael Martinez Scott received his baccalaureate in Liberal Arts and Teaching Credential from Azusa Pacific University and a Masters in Education Administration from National University.

In 2011, 52% of his 4th grade class tested proficient or advanced on the state test in LA. At the beginning of the year only 22% reached this goal. One special education student advanced from Far Below Basic (1 of 5) to Proficient (4 of 5) in LA and Below Basic (2 of 5) to Advanced (5 of 5) in math during that year.

Michael’s classroom experiences in public schools over the last 23 years are grades 1-8 and middle school Opportunity teacher for 4 1/2 years. For the last 10 years, he has taught in the inner city schools of San Bernardino City. These have been the most rewarding time of his career as he has watched children teach each other and measured their progress.

Additionally, Michael has also served as a school administrator; and has been an adjunct professor of Education at National University and California Baptist University.

Robin McVey Scott is a graduate of University of Arkansas with her BS in Home Economics. She has tutored the Scott’s eight children at home in every grade from K-12. She inspired in them passion for knowledge and her children have been self-motivated learners. So far four have graduated from universities, two of them Summa cum Laude from the Honors Program at University, two Valedictorians, one Magna cum Laude from California State University Long Beach’s Registered Nurse program , and two Cum Laude graduates from California Baptist University. Of the remaining, two are enrolled at Cal Baptist (one a 16-year old freshman) and the last one is in high school maintaining an 4.0 GPAs studying at home and receiving concurrent college credit. The six university students have all paid for their own university degrees. Robin’s tutoring has provided lifetime results.


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