TUTOR Excels in China!

China now has 1.4 billion people and the world’s second largest economy. The Chinese love their children and revere teachers.

Five years ago, I created TUTOR , a one-to-one classroom learning method that creates critical and creative thinking in students. Principal Li of the Beijing No. 2 Experimental Primary School said, “China ranks first in math world-wide, but last in critical thinking.” After our presentation, teachers began texting about TUTOR and another special assembly was scheduled.

At this #1 school, and in front of their 240 teachers, Principal Li stated, “You are not foreigners, but family.” Now 100 more schools have asked us to come back to speak. TUTOR and China share a purpose, develop critical thinking skills and higher level questions as China continues its quest towards excellence.


Principal Li of Beijing Experimental School is addressing her teachers. She serves on many of China’s committees. The picture on the wall is China’s Prime Minister who honored the school.

Afterwards we had dinner and shared more about fully engaging our students in class.









Michael lecture at Beijing University with Teachers

Beijing University


200 Parents and Teachers gathered in Chengdu to hear about TUTOR and classroom management. One teacher mentioned, “Most just lecture, this was valuable hands on time.”








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