Professional Development
For Schools, Districts, and Colleges

Schools are being re-defined as, “Did they (students) learn it?” not, “Did I teach it?”
Dear Administrator:
The new paradigm shift in classrooms is focusing on student engagement and learning rather than the next technical teaching approach. Teachers often are gratified when a few hands go up, the question is answered correctly, children nod in agreement, and it’s on to the next topic. However, what is happening on the minds of the 80% who don’t answer?

Dr. Benjamin Bloom showed tutoring was the most effective form of teaching – 98% effective for learning, compared to 50% for classroom teaching. Bloom’s challenge is, “In spite of the difficulties, …the goal was so clear and specific – find methods of group instruction as effective as one-to-one tutoring. (The 2 Sigma Problem).”

The TUTOR© method of classroom engagement, by Michael Scott, will equip teachers to engage students in their own learning and retention. TUTOR© is – Teach, Understand, Try, Okay, and Response and increases the learning interaction by 300%. This allows more comprehension time and practice for EL, Special Education, and others. The exciting fact is that with TUTOR© there is a classroom of 30 one-to-one teachers instead of one!

After attending the professional development, administrators and teachers will:

  • Incorporate Bloom’s Taxonomy during the TUTOR© lesson for more academic rigor.
  • Utilize tutoring by peers for maximum engagement in their learning.
  • Develop classroom environments conducive to tutoring and classroom management.

  • Provide multiple interactions with the material that helps English learners, special education students, and slower students to review the information.
  • Challenge advance students in creative learning and innovation.
  • Professional Development will be understood.

Teachers are accountable for their results and TUTOR© will provide progress without the investment of extensive money or equipment. Changing the focus to student learning by tutoring and peer interaction is a paradigm shift, backed by empirical research, and guaranteed to work!