June 3

April 20, 2014 Scott’s innovation, “One-to-One Classrooms®” (Patent Pending) is used from Texas to China,  (taught grades 1-8, administrator, adjunct professor of Education at California Baptist, Biola, and National universities).

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Michael will Reverse this Disastrous Slide.

  Michael Martinez Scott is both an expert in education and business! Scott is father to eight children, married 35 years, and taught 25 years in the Inland Empire. His experience includes: grades 1-8, administration, and adjunct professor at National, Biola, and California Baptist. He serves on California Baptist University…

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Teach, Understand, Try, Okay, Response

T.U.T.O.R. Maximum Classroom Engagement

What would be the most insightful question for a teacher credential candidate? I would ask, “Which method does research show is the most effective form of instruction and how would you apply that to your classroom?” The true answer lies in comprehending how students UNDERSTAND and learn! – Michael Martinez…

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